My Pregnancy Craving – Ebay

I guess preganancy cravings aren’t just about what food we think about and genenerally consume 7 days a week (I mean….there are hundreds), you also start up new addictions, obsessions that you never had before… online shopping/ new handbags/ box sets/ films. I am not sure whether its because you have a lot more time on your hands ‘putting your feet up’ or just because you are generally just bored and fed up of being an elephant.

So my addiction started when I was roughly 10 weeks pregnant and I was writing my business case as to why it was a good idea to spend £1000 on a pushchair. I was browsing ebay to see the resale value of the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and was weighing up to S the pros and cons and basically emotionally blackmailing him to agree with me. Whilst browsing I came across a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 – Brand New with all the accessories. A rich couple in London had been gifted the pushchair but once their baby arrived, they decided it was too big and went for the bugaboo Bee. They were selling it for £500 ‘buy it now’ and the bundle included roughly £1200 worth of bugaboo items. I managed to get everything for £400! Bargain! Some people may say that I was ridiculous buying a pushchair at only 10 weeks pregnant but I couldn’t let the deal go and plus I got the pushchair I wanted without a three month justification to my husband. This was the beginning of the ebay craving….


I felt justified that I had saved us £700 on a new pushchair and therefore felt the need to daily browse through ebay to see what other bargains I could get.

As those who have had newborns probably understand, once a child grows out of clothes ….they are still pratically brand new. High end brands from John Lewis to Ralph Lauren are on ebay for a small fraction of the price and once washed and ironed…they come up brand new. You will even find high end boutique/ etsy brands on ebay…. I go by the rule… the more someone pays for baby clothes…the less they use it. If someone is willing to pay £50 for a baby outfit, its likely that they have 100 in their nursery and therefore everything is brand new and practically unused when they are selling items on ebay. Probably just making space for new designer items.

In order to get the best purchases, search on particular not as well known but excellent brands  for example: ‘Albetta’, ‘Fred and Noah’. There will be less people bidding on these items and therefore you are normally only have a bidding war with one or two people. The other tactic is to go for popular high street numbers such as ‘John Lewis’ that are finishing at awkward times like 11am on a Tuesday, less people will be around to watch the bidding close and put in those last minute bids….5 seconds prior to ending. Some weeks are better than others…this week in fact is particularly good….everyone having more time on their bank holiday weekend.

Yes my baby will probably have too many clothes but at least I know I have only paid a fraction of the actual cost and I can resell afterwards or pass onto another baby. However, I probably should find a new craving before my husband looks in the hidden second wardrobe…opps.




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