Hello Third Trimester…..17th April

Facebook Timehop has been very interesting, today symbolises the start of my final trimester, one year since my hen do and six years from the day I met my husband. It has brought back so many happy memories.

It has been a year since my hen do. Such an amazing time of my life, I had reached my dream weight and was preparing to get married. I actually started getting monthly facials so I could feel 1 million dollars on my wedding day. Bearing in mind, I just about managed to use a face wipe prior to being engaged. My hen do was so much fun, having all my friends and family together in such a symbolic club where I have shared so many great memories over the years. The night ended badly as I ended up on the floor of Winkers dance floor cutting my mums evening short after having to take me home in a taxi. Memories that will last a life time.

hen do picture

It has also been 6 years since I met Steve in the same night club, when I was the spring chicken age of 19. If only I knew then what I know now. Did I think that was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with? The thought didn’t even cross my mind. Mine and Steves paths should have crossed so many times due to our mutual friends, I guess it all comes down to fate.

winkers 2010.jpg

Today is also the day I have finally reached the third trimester, such a big milestone, similar to reaching your 12 week scan. The wait of those weeks to see your baby on a scan was probably the hardest thing I have had to do, now I have the same wait to see my baby. Welcoming the third trimester brings a whole new wave of emotions for me, not only does it symbolise the beginning of the end, it also means that my baby has a 95% of survival if it born this early. With risk of pre-eclampsia being high due to a strong family history, each week that my baby boy is inside is another week that he is growing healthier and strong. For that I am truly grateful. My incredible younger sister works in an neonatal ward looking after prem babies, it’s scary to think that she cares for babies the same size as mine now. I now feel that if I listen to my doctor and take it easy, I have every chance of reaching full term. However, knowing my sister will be there if the inevitable happens is such a great reassurance.

I am growing day by day, bigger than I could ever imagine at this point and combined with the change in weather brings a whole new level of uncomfortable. How the hell am I go to survive at 39 weeks, in the middle of July. I can’t even bare to think about it. Night time is by far the worst, the effort it takes to move from one side to the other (yes I know I am meant to sleep on my right but sometimes….sleep comes first). Just general tasks are exhausting me, 10 times more than they did before. Even getting in and out of the bath is such an effort. Am I the only 28 week pregnant woman that needs a rest after taking a bath? I have always been active, I am probably just being dramatic. Nausea seems to also have returned, have a reverted back to my first trimester, this is not fun combined with heartburn and just being a general beast. However, all of this will always outweigh the amazing opportunity to grow my baby inside of me and bring a baby into the world.

third trimester new.jpg

This week we have finished my nursery, I have loved this project and enjoyed searching through Etsy, Ebay and Instagram for lots of lovely pieces to make it so special for my first baby (I will write a piece on this in a few weeks). Like everything in my life, my nursery had a target date for completion, I wanted all finishing touches done by May. I have now purchased all of my essentials for the baby including cot, pushchair, thousands of clothes, the list is endless. My next projects are my hospital bag and my baby shower and then I have scheduled in time to ‘relax’ and ‘rest’ in preparation for the baby. Two things I am not that great at.

I am going to treat the next few weeks like the lead up to my wedding. I will enjoy this time with my family and friends and sharing the excitement of our next chapter.

I can’t wait to meet you…..

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